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12 Days of Doobie Roundup

You probably invited some of your favorite potheads over for your annual weed Christmas party and want to ensure that the gifts you give make their day a little merrier and benefit their overall wellness.  Because we want you to give your friends and loved ones the best without putting a dent in your pocket, we’ve compiled all of our best-discounted cannabis items so you can have a pocket-friendly variety that also makes perfect stocking stuffers. 

1. Cann (“Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic”)

Lots of unwinding and indulging always accompany the holidays. We eat from our grandma’s favorite recipes and stuff our faces with our high-calorie baked goods. Sometimes even chowing this down with unhealthy soft drinks that add to our calories. But you don’t have to do that this year as we have the perfect beverage substitution. Our Cann (Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic) is only 35 calories and pairs perfectly with your favorite pastries. Yes, indulging during the holidays is acceptable, but why not cut some calories out with delicious alternatives that complement your meals and fully satiate you? Best of all, our drinks encourage complete relaxation and will undoubtedly satisfy you or any special pothead. Buy one now and get the second one for 50% off. 

2. Theory Wellness Flower 

Many people enjoy blowing some smoke after a good meal, so if you’re expecting some tokers who may want to gather around and puff on some good stuff, then look no further than our Theory Wellness Flower products. Whether you or your friends enjoy pre-rolled cannabis or in cartridge form, we have a wide selection for your preference so you can have a fantastic smoking experience. Shop our Theory products now and receive 20% off. 

3. Camino Gummies

We should always prioritize mental and physical health. For that reason, give your friends or loved ones the gift of wellness this year. Our Camino gummies are a perfect blend of ingredients that support overall health. They also come in a fun-size package that is perfect for easy storage. Take our gummies with you on your daily stroll to the park and enjoy a burst of citrusy flavor to stimulate extra calmness and relaxation. Buy two today for only $40. 

4. Fernway Vape Cartridges

The special pothead in your life is probably someone who enjoys simple things like taking long walks at the beach or a stroll through the busy city to unwind and decompress. So why not give them a gift that can complement their lifestyle? The coolest thing about our Fernway Vape Cartridges is that they are 100% portable, so you can take them with you while you enjoy your favorite activities. Choose from various fruity flavors and get a 25% off all Fernway products today.

5. The Botanist Flower

Looking for a festive cannabis option that will complement your weed Christmas party? Try The Botanist Flower for 20% off in Frosted Cherry Cookies. It is one of our most delicious and sweet strains and has a wonderful festive flavor. Gather round and roll up a frosted cherry cookie-flavored blunt to relax and put a close on that good meal. 

6. Kiva Chocolate Bars

They say that as long as there is chocolate, there is happiness. And that is undoubtedly a fact because chocolate never fails to give you a boost of serotonin, especially when you are having a cannabis-infused Kiva Chocolate Bar. So, quit wondering if it’s a good idea to serve it at your upcoming weed Christmas party or to gift it to your favorite potheads. Remember that chocolate is a universal delicacy enjoyed by many and makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Purchase two Kiva Chocolate Bars today for only $40.

7. Good News Disposable Vapes

Hey, good news! Did you know that our Good News Disposable Vapes do not need to be set up, refilled, or recharged? That’s right! This means you can use them as soon as you open up the package. Best of all, you can purchase two now for only $50 and take advantage of our varied flavors. 

8. High Supply Flower

Are you planning on inviting a group of friends to your Christmas party to enjoy some bud but want to ensure that everyone’s high stays at a minimum? Then High Supply Flower popcorn is what you need to add to your cart for its lower, but still enjoyable, levels of cannabinoids. Our quality weed products are currently 20% off and can make a perfect gift for any newbie who wants to experiment with cannabis for the first time. 

9.  Old Pal Flower

Look no further than Old Pal Flower if you’re aiming for an all-in-one present for a very special stoner.  Each of these kits includes everything you need to enjoy a good time: 14 grams of classic pre-ground cannabis, rolling hemp papers, crutches, and a convenient resealable pouch that you can take with you anywhere you want to decompress. Add yours to your cart now to enjoy 20% off.

10. Incredibles Chocolate Bars

Our Incredibles Chocolate Bars give you the best of both worlds. With a balanced amount of CBD and THC, you can reap the benefits and notice a positive shift in your mood, a decrease in your chronic pain, and a calming and soothing sense of relaxation. If you take advantage of our special today you can get two for only $40. 

11. Dog Walkers

Do you find that rolling your blunt is a daunting experience? Then our Pre-Rolled Dog Walkers are the way to go if you want to get straight to the job and get your smoke on right away. Our pre-rolled Dog Walkers may also be the perfect cannabis option for any beginner who wants to avoid trial and error and wants to experiment with ready-made Sativa. Add two Dog Walkers today for only $45.

12. O.pen Vape Cartridge

The most convenient element about cannabis cartridges is that they are super easy to use, which makes them a major favorite among cannabis users. Additionally, you can purchase O.pen Vape Cartridges in various flavors and take advantage of their portability so you can enjoy them anywhere, anytime. Shop now to receive 50% off!

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