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Is There Such a Thing as Too High?

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If you are planning on smoking, vaping, or eating some THC, then your main goal is obviously to get high. Being high can be a whole lot of fun, especially when you feel all euphoric and giggly. Being high can also make you feel happy, drowsy, relaxed, calm, and it can even help relieve pain and anxiety too.

Although being high can be good in more ways than one, there is also such a thing as too much of a good thing. If you smoked or ate too much weed, you might be feeling uncomfortable. So, to answer the question of “is there such a thing as too high?”, the answer is a definite yes. 

Can You Overdose on Marijuana?

One of the first things that people always wonder is if they can overdose on weed if they get too high and consume too much THC. Sure, your heart is racing, sweating, and feeling dizzy, anxious, and paranoid all feel horrible, and it might make it seem like you are suffering some kind of health-related episode, but this simply is not the case.

Unlike other drugs, heroin, opium, and cocaine, just to name a few, it is impossible to overdose on marijuana in the traditional sense.

You simply cannot die from a marijuana overdose like you can from other drugs. Therefore, although you may feel way too high and uncomfortable due to having eaten or smoked too much THC, it generally won’t have any real, harmful, or long-lasting consequences. It’s just going to be uncomfortable.

The Symptoms - Is There Such a Thing as Too High?

Ok, so there is of course such a thing as being too high, and yes, it happens when you eat, smoke, or vape too much weed. That said, what does being too high actually feel like? Well, this is going to be different for everybody, because no two people are exactly the same and people react differently to the consumption of THC.

Generally speaking, if you get too high, you’re probably going to start sweating, you might feel nauseous and dizzy, your heart might start racing, and you might start feeling anxious, stressed out, paranoid, or just think that you are dying because your heart won’t stop racing.

Yes, these are side effects that can happen when you consume too much THC, although they aren’t fatal. So, while there is definitely such a thing as being too high, it’s just uncomfortable, and it certainly won’t kill you either.

Why Did You Get So High?

Let’s take a quick look at the various possible reasons why you got so high and why you’re feeling the way you are.

Too High THC Levels

One of the reasons why you might have gotten too high is that you smoked weed with a very high THC count. The more THC your weed has, the stronger those psychoactive effects will be. If you smoked some 30% THC weed, that’s why you are too high.

You Smoked Too Much

Another possibility here has more to do with quantity than it does with quality. In other words, even if the weed you smoked didn’t have all that much THC in it, you might have just smoked way too much of it. Maybe it’s just time to retire those super blunts.

Marijuana Concentrates Could Be to Blame

Marijuana concentrates that are very strong and have high levels of THC also come with an increased risk of making you feel uncomfortable and too high. Hash, honey oil, shatter, and vape pens may all cause this to occur.

Edibles Always Pack a Punch

One of the biggest culprits as to why you got too high is the edibles. Edibles work differently than weed that is inhaled. It might take longer for edibles to hit, but they also hit much harder. Moreover, if you didn’t feel high after the first edible (because you didn’t wait long enough to feel it) and then ate a second one, this could explain why you feel so high.

Ways to Avoid Getting Too High

Now that you know why you got so uncomfortably high, let’s figure out how to prevent this from occurring in the first place.

Stick with Smoking

One of the easiest ways to prevent yourself from getting too high is to stick with smoking, particularly mellow strains that aren’t known for producing much of a head high. Smoking flower means that you generally aren’t consuming as much THC as if you were vaping or consuming edibles.

Avoid High THC Strains

To avoid getting too high, you definitely want to stay away from the strains that are very high in THC. Your average weed strains are going to range from 15% to 25% THC, with some being as low as 10% and others as high as 30%, or more. Remember, higher THC levels will make you higher. Therefore, avoid weed that has too much THC in it. We recommend sticking with 20% or less.

Limit Your Consumption

Of course, quantity plays a role here too, so if you got too high smoking a whole gram the last time, try smoking just half a gram the next time.

Avoid Concentrates

If you want to avoid getting too high, staying away from the concentrates is a must. Some oils and concentrates can contain upwards of 95% THC, which is of course a whole lot. For anybody who is inexperienced, this can definitely make you feel too high.

Be Smart with Edibles

If you are going to venture into the world of edibles, start small. Start with just 10 or 20 mg. Even 50 mg, for an inexperienced user, can lead to that too-high feeling. Moreover, depending on the circumstances, it can take up to 2 hours to feel edibles. So, don’t try eating another one too soon after the first one just because you don’t feel anything yet. That’s a really easy way to get way too high.

Being Too High – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that although getting way too high won’t kill you, it can definitely make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, if you don’t know what you are doing, a good trick is to start very small, especially if it is edibles that we are talking about.

Knowing your limits, knowing how to prevent yourself from getting too high, and knowing what to do when you get too high are all important factors to keep in mind if you plan on smoking, vaping, or ingesting weed on a regular basis.

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