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A little about Montecito

No other towns in California offer a modern vibe like Montecito! It is located in the east of Santa Barbara and the population is estimated to be 8.61k people. Though this destination is home to amazing scenic scenes, the real beauty lies in the natural assets that this place is blessed with! This destination is apt for people who love thrilling adventures. It has 15 different trails and is home to exotic coastlines. Montecito covers a total area of 24 square kilometers. Because of its close proximity to the coastal regions, it experiences moderate temperatures and therefore, it is a perfect destination for the tourists during all the seasons. Montecito Dispensary Cannabis Delivery is available through An interesting fact about Montecito is that the regular folks are billionaires and the celebs are just a normal guest! Montecito has been a celebrity retreat from the time Montecito Inn was established by Charlie Chaplin.

Montecito cannabis delivery

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Famous landmarks

While there are several destinations that you cannot visit, there are some historical places that you cannot afford to miss. Montecito is an ideal location for all those who love to experience the beauty of magnificent architectural works. Don’t forget to order Montecito Cannabis Delivery. Some of the notable architectural works include- Casa Del Herrero, Lotusland, Montecito Inn by Charlie Chaplin, El Fureidis and so much more! Butterfly beach, one of the popular beach coastlines of Montecito is a perfect place for soaking in sun bath! Montecito has two zip codes: 93103, and 93108.

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