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My First Time Getting High

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If you’ve never tried cannabis before you’re probably wondering what it’s like to smoke weed or try an edible. You’ve probably seen movies like Harold & Kumar or Pineapple Express where the characters take you through a series of events, all while high. What is it like to be high? You’ve come to the right place to find out! We got the chance to talk to different cannabis users about what their first time getting high was like.

“The first time I smoked flower I thought to myself ‘Oh, this is nice. THIS is what the people are raving about?!’ Once my high set in I knew that I had found the feeling everyone talked about. Then I remember going out to eat and that’s when it really hit me - I was high. I was amazed at the food, the snow outside, and just about everything. It was definitely a 10/10 experience” - Kyra W.

“The first time I got high I was with people who were obviously avid cannabis users. I, however, did not know my own strength and I woke up the next day late for my cashier job. ‘Never again,’, I said and proceeded to do it again and again. My first edible story is that I ate one, had the munchies, and ate more. Needless to say, learning your tolerance is key!” - Michelle J.

“The first time I ever ate an edible I did not follow directions and ate the whole thing. Later that evening, I felt like the walls of my bathroom was going to Cave in on me and I couldn't find my voice to scream. Now, I follow the directions and it’s a good time every time! I definitely learned the hard way the importance of starting with a lower dose and seeing how I feel after some time.” - Maya C.

“The first time I smoked I got so high I cried because I couldn’t find tacos on the Taco Bell menu. My first time taking an edible I shared half of a brownie with some guy I was seeing. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and got to-go so we could eat It at the movies. I only remember seeing the beginning and ending credits. I was probably high for a good 48 hours.” - Tori G.

“First time I got high was also the first time I caught the munchies… I ate about half a box of Lucky Charms… marshmallows only… like I was pouring the cereal into a bowl to fish out the marshmallows. Looking back that was probably something funny to watch but yeah, it was a great time” - Maso C.

“The first time I smoked weed I remember feeling silly and happy. I told my older brother I felt like I was on a spaceship. Then we went to Taco Bell where I ordered a bunch of stuff I probably didn’t even end up eating all of and went home to watch Adventure Time. The nap I took after was superb! It was a great first experience for me.” - Ania C.

Everyone’s first-time experience with cannabis is different! Flower strain effects, the dose of your edible, and your personal tolerance all play a role in your experience. Not sure which flower or edible to try? Learn how to choose and dose cannabis flower here, and find recommendations on which edibles you should try here. Whichever you choose, be sure to remember to start low and go slow - give yourself some time to feel the effects of your flower or edible before taking more.

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