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Our Favorite CBD Products for Delivery in St. Louis

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Benefits of CBD for Pain

You can use CBD products for a variety of problems. If you struggle with nerve pain and don't want to risk exposure to heavy-duty pain pills, CBD gummies for pain can give you a slow release of pain control as you digest your gummies. You may choose to microdose with a vaping pen. You can also find a topical CBD lotion or cream to reduce your pain from the skin in.

A full dose of CBD can make you sleepy. If you need to be alert, you can consider micro-dosing with CBD to enjoy the calming benefits of this product without the drowsiness that may not be helpful. For example, you can take two puffs from a vaping pen instead of the full 20 or 25. You can take a CBD gummy or CBD oil capsule with your biggest meal of the day to stretch out the benefits as you digest your meal. Tiny doses of CBD, both internally and on your skin, can provide relief without making you tired.

How to Use CBD for Better Sleep

One of the best CBD products is a quality edible oil. It's very important to use CBD oils as directed; these cannot be used in a vaping tool. Heat can actually make edible grade CBD dangerous. Edible grade CBD oil should not be used as a topical. However, if you struggle with insomnia or nighttime pain, you can use an edible oil under your tongue before bed to help you relax and fall asleep.

Many people struggle to stay asleep because of anxious thoughts or pain. In this case, stacking your CBD dosage can be helpful. Start by taking a CBD capsule or gummies right before bed. Use a sublingual oil right before you brush your teeth. The sublingual oil will enter your bloodstream quickly and quiet your mind and pain so you can fall asleep. As you digest the CBD gummies for sleep, CBD will enter your bloodstream more slowly and provide you with an extension of your CBD dosage.

Reduce Anxious Thoughts with CBD

In addition to using CBD for sleep, you can use CBD oil for anxiety and stress management. It's a nervous world. You may be worried about the price of gas and groceries. You may be worried about caring for elderly relatives and friends. You might be worried about your job. The constant spinning of anxious thoughts is not good for your body or your brain and CBD can help.

Cannabis products and your reaction to them are an extremely personal experience. Consider keeping a small journal that will allow you to track

  • your dosage
  • the method: gummies or oil?
  • your immediate reaction
  • your results over time

Once you know that 1/2 a gummy quiets your mind or reduces your physical pain for an hour and a half, you can quickly figure out how many gummies you will need per day. Even better, you may find that long-term CBD use can reduce your need for the product. For example, you may find that 1/2 a gummy lasts for two hours before you need another microdose.

Protecting Your Privacy

The Farm Bill of 2018 changed how the United States looks at cannabis. You can get easy and discreet CBD delivery in whatever format works best for you. Do make sure that you discuss your intended use with your physician; while drug interactions with CBD are rare, you can be at risk if you are on any regular prescription drugs. In particular, CBD can interact badly with blood pressure medications.

CBD products can be incredibly beneficial to many people. You cannot build up a tolerance to CBD. In fact, you may find that you can reduce your dosage over time. Track your use and your results to gain the best benefit from your chosen CBD products. Shop our collection of CBD products available for delivery in St. Louis and discover the benefits.

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