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Pre-Rolls | El Bluntito

0.75g Blunt 4pk | El Bluntitos | Kush Cream | 3g

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Genetics: Lemon Tree x Kush Mints | Strain Type: Hybrid 60I/40S This indica dominant strain is a combination of euphoria and relaxation making it perfect for a restful night’s sleep. A couple of tokes of this strain within half an hour of bedtime make falling asleep a breeze. The aroma is heavily gassy and musky with a creamy sweetness. The flavor profile is equally potent with an earthiness that lingers in the mouth. You’ll feel its sedative fast acting effects almost instantly. A true evening treat to float into the land of dreams.

0.75g Blunt 4pk | El Bluntitos | Kush Cream | 3g will help you feel


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