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Pre-Rolls | Papi Sweet Sluggers

1g Blunt 3 pack | Papi Sweet Sluggers | Gelato Sunrise | 3g

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Genetics: Gelato X EZBAKE AF | Strain Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid Gelato Sunrise offers a distinctive scent that combines sour and dessert-like notes, with a hint of pepper suggesting a higher caryophyllene content. This strain gives Indica-leaning effects, the perfect flower to help you settle down and melt into the couch after a long day. The plant itself emits a sour pepper aroma, while the budshave a peppery, piney, and slightly sweet profile. They are characterized by their muted green color, soft and squishy texture, and abundant trichome coverage, even extending onto the leaves. The buds are dense, greasy, and sticky, contributing to their mass and bag appeal. Effects: Mellow, relaxing

1g Blunt 3 pack | Papi Sweet Sluggers | Gelato Sunrise | 3g will help you feel


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