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Sensi Chew CBN Sleepytime

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Sensi Chew 2:1 CBN Sleepytime is 100mg THC and 50mg CBN chocolate caramel edibles for severe insomnia and sleep issues. These small but mighty chews are travel friendly edibles and do not melt. Sensi Chews are fast acting edibles. Get a Good Nights Deep Sleep with THC and CBN Sensi Chew CBN Sleepytime is a 100mg THC and 50mg CBN chocolate cannabis edibles. This edible is designed specifically to help with severe insomnia, sleep disorders, and even jet lag from changing time zones. Getting a good nights sleep is one of the most important things we can do to maintain good health. THC reduces pain, stress and inflammation, and helps quiet the mind. CBN is a by-product of THC and a mild sedative. Together they provide a knock-out punch for finding deeper sleep. Sensi Chew is the #1 edible. With the right dose you will sleep deeply and wake up refreshed with no THC hang over. Creamy Caramel Chocolate THC Edibles – different than traditional chocolate If you love chocolate edibles with THC, Sensi Chews will satisfy those cravings. It is a tasty chocolate THC edible caramel similar to a gourmet fudge or tootsie roll. Sensi Chew texture is soft and chewy but won’t get stuck in your teeth. Because it is a caramel form it doesn’t melt like regular chocolate. Edibles That Work Fast Sensi Chews are a fast acting THC edible and designed to get in your blood stream fast. Let the chew soften slowly in your mouth. This is called sublingual method. When absorbed through the mouth the cannabis goes to work faster. Effects start within 10-15 minutes using this method. Effects last 4-8 hrs depending on metabolism and THC tolerance. For best results, take your desired dose of Sensi Chew 15 minutes before bedtime, and allow the chew to melt in your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. Lower in Calories Than Other Edibles Reducing calorie intake helps with good health. Sensi Chews are low in sugar and carbs. With Sensi Chew you don’t have to eat 100+ calories of edibles to feel the effects. Each dose is 10mg and only 10 calories. But you wouldn’t think they are low calorie because Sensi Chews taste creamy and chocolatey. Our chews are also a gluten free THC edible. 100mg THC Full Spectrum Solventless Cannabis Extract Made with 100mg THC full spectrum extract. This full spectrum extract is dominant Indica. It contains trace amounts of other helpful cannabinoids. Full spectrum extract is better because all cannabinoids are working together. This effects based Insomnia THC edible helps achieve a deep restful sleep, and reduce pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. It’s the perfect edible for people who struggle with severe insomnia and other sleeping issues. Designed for Time-of-Day Use People can benefit from cannabis at different times of the day. Sensi Chews chocolate caramels are effects based Insomnia THC edibles and designed for real life. We understand you use cannabis at different times of day for different reasons. See other Sensi Chew options. Travel Friendly Edibles Sensi Chews are travel friendly THC edibles. Each dose of Sensi Chew is individually sealed until you are ready to use it. This keeps your edible fresh and clean too. The packaging is also the safest around small children because only one dose is open at a time. The packaging sleeve is small and compact and fits easily in a pocket. Sensi Chews are also easy to share and each dose mini-package can be separated. Each pack comes with 10 individually sealed doses of 10mg each. Sensi Chews: Designed for Good Health and Great Taste! -Effects based Insomnia THC + CBN edible, designed for nighttime use -100mg full spectrum solventless THC cannabis extract -Low calorie THC edible, 10 calories per dose -Doesn’t melt like regular chocolate -Fast acting THC edible, goes to work in 10-15 minutes -Gluten free THC edible -Individually sealed doses, stay fresh and clean, safe around children -Travel friendly THC edible, great for time zone changes and jet lag

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About the Brand

Sensi Products started as a passion project to help their co-founder's mother feel better. After seeing the calorie dense, sugar rich edibles on the market Lisa and Ed decided to do something about it. They set to work in their kitchen to create a more health conscious edible that not only tastes great, but actually helps. After perfecting their formulation they launched Sensi Chew, a family of 9 fudgy chocolate caramels with specific time-of-day use in mind. They soon after created Sensi Caps CBD Softgels. Sensi Gummies launched in 2020 as California's first healthy gummie, with 30-70% less sugar than other gummies, vegan formulation, omega 3 infused, and all natural ingredients. The PUCK by Sensi is their newest addition. It's 1 gummy with 100mg of THC, vegan, low in sugar, and omega 3 enhanced to give users 2x the cannabis experience!

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