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Mint Trees

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Clean Green Certified means you are getting the purest, cleanest cannabis available. Both of Source Cannabis Co-Founder and master growers were amongst the first indoor growers to be Clean Green Certified in California. Since their start in 2003, they have produced the purest, cleanest cannabis available by growing with the principles of nature: in living soil and with all-natural nutrients.

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About the Brand

Source Cannabis is a legacy cannabis brand known for its desire to serve the highest quality cannabis products. Founded in 2003 in the bay area, and currently headquartered in Los Angeles, CA., Source Cannabis recognizes a need for natural, organic cannabis in the market. Source leverages their Clean Green Certified cultivator’s knowledge of plant nutrients and soil sciences to grow some of the best cannabis in California. For almost 20 years, Source Cannabis has been committed to instilling compassion into society through the unwavering quality of their offerings, service, and ethos. As legacy cultivators, they are dedicated to impacting change and sharing their expertise with those most impacted by the war on drugs.

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