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Pre-Rolls | Yamna

Banana Cake Premium Cannagar

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Yamna is a luxury brand of handcrafted 2g cannagars, which are cigar-shaped cannabis products that consist of a green, hand-rolled hemp wrap with a rounded glass tip. It features a hole down the center for optimal burn and no canoeing. Yamna cannagars have become a sought-after product among cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a relaxing smoke after a long day or a special treat to share with friends, Yamna cannagars offer a truly unparalleled experience. A "multi-smoke prerolls", as it can be easily put out with the tube it comes in!

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About the Brand

Historical records indicate that cannabis first appeared around 10,000-11,000 years ago in parts of Europe and Asia. 5,000 years later, a sharp rise in marijuana use appeared. The Yamna or Yamnaya people were a tribe originating in Central Asia. They are one of three tribes credited with the foundation of European civilization. During the Bronze Age, they dispersed eastward to Asia. This was around the same time cannabis was first distributed. A transcontinental connection formed between Europe and Asia where Eurasians transported goods across the Mongolian Steppe, a trade route that would eventually become the Silk Road. Several cultures show evidence of cannabis use during the Bronze Age, the earliest being the Yamna. Some scholars credit the Yamna with the domestication and smoking of marijuana; which paved the way for individual use. The independent use of Asian and European cannabis allowed the plant to become a cash crop and may have been the driving force behind the transcontinental connection. ​The Yamna brand embodies this ancient culture of education and sale of cannabis.

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