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Berry Pie FSO | 1g

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Friendly Farms 1G FSO give users full control over their cannabis experience with a simple to use applicator that gives you the ability to measure your dosage and the versatility to enjoy any consumption method. Their FSO is the same Tru Spectrum, strain specific cannabis oil they use for their cartridges with no additives or extra filtration. They invite you to experience why Friendly Farms is the favorite of cannabis connoisseurs all over California. Just like the name suggests, Berry Pie packs a sugary sweet aroma that smells similar to freshly made bluberry waffles and has a creamy, tart flavor. The high you get from this strain will give you a head high that is euphoric but energizing enough to keep you focused. Medical marijuana patients choose Berry Pie for its uplifting qualities that help relieve symptoms related to depression and fatigue.

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About the Brand

Quality, community, and culture are the core values of Friendly Farms. California natives and founders Darrin and Chaz started Friendly Farms to give people a product they deserve. Through a careful and precise process where cannabis plants are hand-selected, Friendly Farms creates products that are truly FARM TO FRIEND. Their goal is to spread quality cannabis products across the state of California. They value bringing safe, affordable, flavorful artisan concentrates extracted from high-quality cannabis to the market. They're set out to remove the negative social stigmas that revolve around cannabis.