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Blue Dream x Hybrid Kief Power Pack

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Inside each and every power pack is an 1/8th of small buds, 1g jar of kief, and a special handy dandy kief shovel - all in one convenient rolling pouch.  Power pack flower tests between 20-30% total cannabinoids, while power pack kief tests between 50-70% total cannabinoids.  Enjoy the versatility of the claybourne power pack: use the flower only, smoke a kief bowl, add a kief topper, infuse pre-rolls. Create your own experience with the power of kief! All Claybourne Co. flower is 100% indoor grown and rigorously tested for quality and compliance. When selecting flower, Claybourne doesn't just for look CBD and THC content, but rather a range of minor cannabinoids and terpene profiles as well. It’s their mission to provide you with perfectly balanced flower.

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About the Brand

Claybourne Co. has paved it’s own road by offering unique flower products presented in a unique way. They believe that the individuality of each strain lies in the unique cannabinoid and terpene profile of the flower. They’re growing the next California cannabis brand for a new breed of cannabis consumers who want to know more about the cannabis they’re consuming and that starts with our transparency.

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