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Commercial St Kush

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Flavor: A peppery and flav orful inhale that transforms from musky apricot deeply layered with earthen tones of pine to a sweet sticky funk that coats the mouth and tongue with zest of toasted oranges and candied pecans. Aroma: Pepper and tangy apricot make a bold appearance in this aromatic masterpiece. A wholesome sweet funk walks the line between a sharp fuel and old school O.G. gas with undertones of earth and pine. Effects: A sudden feeling of relaxation takes over the body and mind that deepens as time passes. A gentle vibrati on of euphoria is felt in waves as it passes through the body and into the brain. Calm and blissful in short, the powerful sedative effects shouldn’t be underestimated nor dismissed from this specially selected and dynamically unique cultivar

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About the Brand

Science and nature are at the foundations of what Mass Yield Cultivation does, using cultivars with strong, proven genetics as the backbone of their operation, plus data-driven decisions.

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