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Gazzurple | Live Rosin Badder

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MFNY's live rosin Gazzurple badder is a premium solventless concentrate made in-house from the best fresh frozen Gazzurple plants that results in a full-flavored expression with a thick cake batter consistency: this strain's natural terpenes produce gaseous aromas of diesel and sweet tartness beryy flavors, offering a psychedelic, yet energized state. Live concentrate offers full-spectrum of cannabinoids at high potency and produces immediate action. Live Rosin concentrate is made without the use of any solvents making the quality of the starting material paramount: at MFNY we breed, select, and grow the most trichome and terpene-rich plants. We then flash freeze them right after harvest to preserve all the terpenes (aromas) of the live plant (“the “live” part of the rosin). Rosin is created using a solventless multi-step process with the help of water, freeze drying, pressing and whipping. The result is a pure extract that is high in potency, terpenes and reflects the plant's naturally produced cannabinoid profile, taste and flavor. The cost of starting material, amount of labor, as well as smaller but higher quality yields make this extract a premium product sought after by cannabis connoisseurs (compared to more massively produced butane hash oils). Our live rosin products are exclusively single-source and produced at scale in our state-of-art laboratory space with cGMP standards; producing this exclusive product requires precision and years of experience, which we proudly offer at MFNY in Hudson Valley, New York.

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