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Grape Ape Disposable Vaporizer | 0.3g

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Clovr disposable vaporizers feature highly potent and flavorful terpene-infused Butane Hash Oil produced in our extraction lab from Missouri-grown high-THC cannabis. Clovr Vapes don’t contain fillers or cutting agents such as PG, VG, MCT, or coconut oil. Additionally, Clovr's disposable pen hardware uses state-of-the-art CCELL technology that enables customers to enjoy every last drop of oil. The pen is calibrated to vaporize the oil at a safe temperature to prevent degradation of terpenes into potentially harmful byproducts. The “pull-to-activate” vape pens are simple to use, with no buttons or settings to fumble with.

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About the Brand

Headquartered in Kansas City, Clovr is a cannabis-infused product manufacturer that believes in safe, consistent, and quality cannabis products for Missouri's medical marijuana patients. As the extractor, infuser, and wholesaler of their own products, they can ensure patients are getting exactly what they are reading on the label - no chemicals, no funny business. Clovr believes there's a cannabis consumption method for every type of person and they are happy to help you find what best fits you and your lifestyle. They offer cannabis-infused chocolate bars, gummies, vape pens, concentrates, beverages, and many more products for whatever consumption method you prefer. Combating the stereotype, they believe cannabis can be a part of your life without becoming your life.

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