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High Dose| Transdermal Patch | 40mg thc 30mg cbd

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Made with in-house produced distillate. 24hr release 30mg CBD, 40mg THC 30mg CBD Isolate 40mg in-house produced distillate – 24 hour extended release.The patch is made with a polymer blend which is hypoallergenic and latex free. Will the patch get you high? Depending on the patient’s tolerance, they could feel some psychoactive effects. The patch is time released, on average around 2mg+ per hour are released. Can the patch be cut in half? Yes, the adhesive on the patch is what is infused, so there is an even dosage across the whole patch. How to apply? Clean skin with provided alcohol pad (in the sleeve with patch) let skin dry, then peel back plastic covering off patch and press patch onto skin. The patch has pressure activated adhesive so press patch firmly on skin for about 30 seconds. It doesn’t have to be hard but apply pressure. – Also, there is a direction card in the sleeve with the patch. Where to apply? Patches can be applied anywhere, it passes through the skin and into the bloodstream, so anywhere you blood goes, the medicine goes. But it is best practice to put it on a veinous part of your body or where the pain occurs. How long does it take to kick in? 30-45 minutes If I don’t like it – then what? Take the patch off and effects will start to subside within 30-45 minutes • Best if not put on tattoos

High Dose| Transdermal Patch | 40mg thc 30mg cbd will help you feel


About the Brand

Established in 2020, Heartland Labs is a licensed medical marijuana manufacturer located in the small town of Buffalo, Missouri. They are a family owned and operated company. Being Missouri natives, they know the high quality of cannabis infused products the Show Me State expects and deserves. Their products are homemade with family recipes. With over 58 years combined cannabis experience, Heartland Labs is built on quality, safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction. They are dedicated to operating state of the art equipment to make safe and effective cannabis products accessible for the Missouri medical marijuana patients.

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