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High Society

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Growing with a revolutionary recirculating deep water hydroponic system allows Hydrotic to flush the plants for 15 days at 0 ppm with reverse osmosis water to ensure a better taste, a smoother inhale, and cleaner high. Over all improving the quality of your smoking experience. They dry their cannabis using a refrigerated room to ensure a slow dry along with a perfect cure. They do not release their flowers with out a 1-2 month cure in glass jars. They hand trim all of their flowers to perfection. Their pre-packaged 8th’s are meticulously hand picked flowers to ensure quality control.

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About the Brand

Hydrotic strives to produce the highest quality, cleanest cannabis in the world by cultivating with a revolutionary recirculating deep water hydroponic system that was designed to deliver increased quality, potency and flavor. Cultivation under high photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) using high powered LED technology is an emerging technique that is at the cutting edge of controlled environment agriculture. They use a premium hydroponic blend of nutrients that are created by using only the finest materials, resulting in the absolute cleanest cannabis.

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