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Orange Juice Jones #5 Refined Live Resin PAX Pod | 0.5g

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Raw Garden's created a new cannabis product through an innovative process where they start with live resin, and then remove impurities like waxes, fats, and tannins, resulting in the aptly named Refined Live Resin ™. All of their products come from single source fresh frozen flowers with no artificial ingredients or non-cannabis derived terpenes added. 100% Cannabis Oil. 100% Cannabis Terpenes. No fillers. No added flavors. No additives.

Orange Juice Jones #5 Refined Live Resin PAX Pod | 0.5g will help you feel


About the Brand

Raw Garden aspires to a higher standard. It’s for when you want to experience more. Do more. Celebrate more. Unwind more. Our products are made from pure Cannabis flowers. They are wonderful to taste and are rigorously tested to the most exacting quality standards, which is why Raw Garden is the most trusted and best-selling brand in Cannabis.

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