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Pre-Rolls | SAP

Bonzi Buddy | Single Pre-Roll

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We pride ourselves on consistency, purity, flavor, and potency in our production. We utilize industry leading precision extraction equipment, instrument and food grade solvents as well as lab grade UL listed processing equipment to produce the cleanest oils, concentrates, pre-rolls, and beverages for Missouri patients.

Bonzi Buddy | Single Pre-Roll will help you feel


About the Brand

At Arizona Organix they know the importance of quality concentrates to your daily routine. That’s why they created SAP to add to their menu. SAP is an award-winning concentrate that has earned a great reputation for its effectiveness and purity. The goal for SAP was to create a pure distillate made from the highest-quality cannabis plants available. Unlike other concentrates, SAP is not diluted by flavorings, PEG or other chemicals that can alter its taste and effectiveness.