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Fine flower starts from the ground up. Sinse's facilities use specialized hydroponic systems designed by industry experts, housed in highly controlled climates with digital monitoring for temperature, light, and a host of other factors. That means their cultivators and specialists get up-to-the-minute stats on grow conditions delivered right to their phones—so they’re at the nexus of natural and high-tech.

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About the Brand

Sinsemilia (n): meaning “without seed”. Refers to highly potent marijuana from female plants that are specially cultivated and kept seedless to prevent pollination and create a high resin content. Put another way? SINSE is all the good stuff, and none of the guessing. Their fine flower products are held to a high standard and controlled at every stage by insiders and experts. They are driven by both passion and science to enhance the everyday, unlock a healthier mind-body connection, and learn what they can from this age-old health aid. And they're inviting you to help lead the way.

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