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all-in-one pen Our all-in-one vape pen has the fastest onset and was named ‘Best New Product’ at Weedcon 2020. Approximately 45 night’s sleep (400mg) Fast acting, long lasting Wake up fresh the next day Contains THC, CBD (2.5:1), melatonin, valerian root extract, and terpenes.

About the Brand

dreamt is the award-winning cannabis sleep aid that Vice named “one of the year’s most helpful innovations.” dreamt was founded by Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, a nationally-recognized cannabis scientist and product developer who has had chronic sleep problems throughout her life. After nothing could help her fall asleep and stay asleep, Carolina developed a formulation combining cannabinoids, terpenes and other common sleep supplements. It worked. After several rounds of blind studies and refinement, that formulation would become dreamt. Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Carolina came to the US to study for her PhD in Chemistry in 2009, and has developed more than 60 cannabis products to date. She has been a featured cannabis science expert in Rolling Stone and Mg Magazine, and was named one of Dope Magazine’s “Outstanding Women in Cannabis.”

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