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Purplato Twinsies Infused Pre-Roll 2-pack | 1g

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Purplatto is an indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a balanced and mellow body-centric buzz, but not before hitting you with a cerebral and euphoric head rush. The creamy base is accented with notes of cherry syrup, making these the perfect excuse to unwind after a long day.

Purplato Twinsies Infused Pre-Roll 2-pack | 1g will help you feel


About the Brand

Whether you live and breathe for our delicious infused flavors or want to stick to the classics with our infused strains, find your new favorite California pre-rolls with Weedsy. Our one-time use rolls are low-cost and come in convenient packaging because the last thing you want when trying to get high is to struggle to free your joint from endless plastic.

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