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Vanillaz Dark Chocolate Bar | 100mg

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Most people don't know this, but. Vanilla Beans from the Islands of Madagascar are aged to perfection before they are sold. Before she mixes them into her Dark Chocolate recipe, Lizzy personally inspects each one. Just like her Vanilla, she also uses the best Marijuana Extracts from Hippie Chicks local organic growers to make the ultimate sweet indulgence, that will deliver you a perfect fusion of Euphoria and Relaxation. She makes her bars in a low dose 10mg/bar or a high dose 25mg /bar.

Vanillaz Dark Chocolate Bar | 100mg will help you feel


About the Brand

Hippie Chicks started this company to help solve some serious safety problems with Marijuana and CBD edibles. They wanted to create a place that would give you the best information available, and give you access to the best organic THC & CBD products that are hand made, lab tested and taste amazing. They want you to feel safe when you eat one of their products, and trust that it will be the same experience each and every time.

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