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White Wine Liquid Diamond Cartridge | 0.5g

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Lineage: White Tahoe Cookies x Brandywine Tasting Notes: Floral, Earth, Fruit What makes Proper's live resin vape cartridges unique is that they are really another form factor of their Diamonds + Sauce. They take their diamonds and sauce and separate them. The diamonds are melted and then reintroduced to the sauce to create the most flavorful, potent pen they can make.

White Wine Liquid Diamond Cartridge | 0.5g will help you feel


About the Brand

Proper Cannabis is about elevating your life with premium cannabis. They’re commercial cultivators with an artisan mindset. Every decision they make reflects their goal: grow the best cannabis and deliver unparalleled customer service. Their goal was never to be the biggest company in Missouri, it was simply to improve the lives of the citizens of Missouri through thoughtfully and carefully crafted cannabis products by growing the best cannabis.

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