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Woodstock Rainbow Beltz Live Rosin Cartridge

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Solventless, 100% Pure Rosin; 0% Distillate; Cart is a unique ceramic low-temperature core (no burning) with hemp tip. Woodstock hand, nose, and eye selected only the finest Kolas from their celebrated patchwork of legacy farmers. Then worked with the most innovative extractors in the game to blend the finest live rosin and resin into what they feel is the platonic ideal of modern cannabis oil. Prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime, turn the volume up to 11.

Woodstock Rainbow Beltz Live Rosin Cartridge will help you feel


About the Brand

Woodstock takes its name from the 1969 festival known to be one of the most important events in music history. Almost 50 years later, Woodstock is a line of cannabis products for the thriving music and festival lover. 

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