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What to Know About Cannabis Delivery in New Jersey

Published: March 22, 2024

After New Jersey legalized the use and sale of recreational cannabis, long lines of patrons were the norm in retail dispensaries. Amendments to the law made it possible for cannabis delivery businesses to start.

Now, you can order your weed online through Doobie and have it delivered to your door quickly and conveniently. Here is everything you need to know about online weed delivery in New Jersey!

Where To Buy Cannabis For Delivery

Cannabis products can be purchased at a licensed dispensary or online licensed delivery service providers. To buy weed online or at the dispensary for medical or recreational use, you must be at least 21 years old. As per the law, cannabis dispensaries must check and confirm the ID and age of their clients. Recent amendments to the law have allowed dispensaries to sell their products online and in the allowed amounts. However, medical marijuana users must buy their products at the dispensary to provide the required documentation. With the cannabis delivery license now operational, some cannabis dispensaries may offer a delivery service, while most of them partner with “courier” companies licensed to deliver your weed.

How Much Cannabis Can Be Delivered

As a cannabis delivery service company, Doobie will deliver as much product as is legally allowed. New Jersey has set limits for how much cannabis and cannabis products an individual can buy. There are different limits for different uses. New Jersey allows cannabis dispensaries and couriers to sell up to a maximum of 28.35 grams or 1 oz of adult-use cannabis products per transaction. Additionally, recreational consumers have a limit of six ounces of cannabis. Medical cannabis buyers also face purchase limits depending on their conditions. Critically ill patients can buy as much cannabis as they require, while other medical need users have a limit of 3 oz or 85.05 grams per month.

There are also limits on different types of cannabis products sold. Dispensary and delivery services can only sell up to;

  • 4 grams of solid concentrates
  • 4 ml of liquid concentrates
  • 4ml cannabis oil content in vaporized products and,
  • 1000 mg of cannabis or THC in edible products.

Can You Buy Weed Online In New Jersey?

As the cannabis industry grows to meet rising demand in New Jersey, laws are changing to make it easier to operate and weed more accessible. One of the recent developments in the industry is the opening up of cannabis online purchases. Now, weed dispensaries have permission to sell their products to adults outside of their premises. While some towns refused to allow weed dispensaries within city limits, online sales from delivery service companies enable residents to enjoy the products medically or for recreation easily. Cannabis delivery service providers enable convenience in online purchases and ensure products reach buyers as quickly as possible.

Where Can I Consume Weed In New Jersey?

With the New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act in existence, how you consume your weed may be impacted. New Jersey allows users, whether for medical or recreation, to enjoy their cannabis products in the privacy of their houses. However, be careful if you’re lighting up outside, especially in public places. Additionally, cannabis dispensaries with a consumption license are allowed to allocate space in their premises where their clients can enjoy leisurely.

Do I Have To Receive My Weed Delivery?

The law requires weed delivery service providers to confirm that the purchaser of the product they are delivering is over 21, the legal age for purchase and use of cannabis. They must have the intended receiver’s photo ID to confirm their age and identity. While the law prevents delivery service companies from retaining their customers’ photo IDs, the individuals who purchase the weed must receive it at the delivery location. Medical cannabis users are required to complete medication documents that the dispensary retains in their records. Therefore, an authorized caregiver or the patient must receive their delivery.

Benefits Of Purchasing Weed Through A Delivery Service Company In New Jersey

Weed delivery services companies are beneficial to dispensaries and consumers. Here are some of the benefits they provide:


People are accustomed to receiving food deliveries in their homes, so weed delivery is not unusual. It saves time and money you would have spent in traffic, commuting to the dispensary, and waiting in line. Customers have access to the same menu with no mark-ups!

Furthermore, when dispensaries partner with delivery service companies, they fulfill customer purchases quickly, providing a value-added service to their customers.

Expertise and Personalized Support

Customers have access to expert cannabis product consultants, Doobie Concierge, who ensure they select and purchase high-quality products that meet their specific needs, whether for medical use or recreation. The Doobie Concierge team possesses decades of experience in the weed industry, making them the best people to advise you on consumption. Additionally, weed delivery service providers like Doobie take privacy seriously, maintaining the utmost confidentiality and discretion for customers.

Also, if you are new to weed, want to try out a new cannabis product, or just looking for advice on what to buy, the Doobie Concierge team is available to help. Our expert consultants are available by phone (1-888-8DOOBIE or 1-888-835-6243) or email until late, making it easier to purchase the right product.

Safety and Discretion

Ensure you look for a delivery company that values and provides safety and discretion. First, you don’t have to worry about carrying cash to a dispensary since your weed is delivered to your doorstep. Second, legitimate cannabis delivery service providers like Doobie focus on providing privacy and discretion from purchase through fulfillment.

Flexible Payments

With the weed industry waiting to be legalized federally, weed customers may be limited in the payment options available.  Most dispensaries accept cash or have an ATM in the store to allow their clients to withdraw cash. However, Doobie provides several payment options to customers. You can pay via credit or debit card or cash. Cannabis delivery service companies like Doobie are a welcome addition to the budding weed industry in New Jersey. They ease access and help to lower the price of premium cannabis products by holding a diverse inventory. Buy your medical use or recreation weed from Doobie if you’re looking for speed, convenience, and affordability.

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