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Weed Delivery in New Jersey

Doobie is the leading weed delivery service for all of New Jersey. On April 21st, 2022, the state of New Jersey legalized recreational marijuana for all adults aged 21 years and older..

From Newark, to Jersey City, to Paterson, Doobie is the finest weed delivery service for New Jersey residents who are 21 and older. Whether you need weed for recreational or medicinal purposes, New Jersey’s cannabis laws ensure that all individuals visiting and residing within New Jersey can enjoy weed safely and comfortably.

Currently, Doobie facilitates instant and online NJ weed delivery in multiple Garden State cities and zip codes. Whether you prefer cannabis flower, prerolls, CBD gummies, tinctures and concentrates, vapes, or cannabis concentrates, Doobie has the weed product you are looking for.

Is Marijuana Legal in New Jersey?

It sure is! Adult-use marijuana in New Jersey was made legal on April 21st, 2022. The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (otherwise known as the CRC) is tasked with the regulation, oversight, and proper following of cannabis-specific state laws in New Jersey.

Specifically, whereas medical marijuana is not subject to New Jersey sales tax, recreational-use marijuana has a flat 6.625% sales tax, in addition to an equity excise fee of $0.33.

In each transaction, a single individual may purchase 1 ounce (28.35 grams) of usable cannabis. In other words, this equates to:

  • 1 ounce of dried cannabis flower
  • 4 grams of cannabis concentrate/resin, OR its equivalent in liquid form (i.e. cannabis product measured in millimeters)
  • 4 grams of oil for the specific use of vaping
  • 1000 mg of ingestibles and/or cannabis-infused food products (i.e. gummies)

The respective customer may purchase any combination of products, insomuch as the total amount of goods does not exceed 1 ounce.

Looking to purchase weed for a friend in New Jersey? You can do that as well… just keep it under 1 ounce!

Although New Jersey cannabis laws and regulations freely allow for all individuals to purchase and use weed products, note that carrying, ingesting, or smoking said products over state lines is still illegal.

Looking for more information on all things New Jersey weed? Visit’s dedicated resources and information page.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?
Reach out to the Doobie Concierge [email protected]
Where to Buy Weed in New Jersey
Looking for NJ weed delivery? Shop your favorite weed products on Doobie! Whether you’re on the hunt for delicious and mouth-watering CBD gummies, thirst-quenching cannabis drinks, premium indica, sativa, and hybrid flower strains, and pre-rolls, vapes, resin, concentrates, or anything else, Doobie’s got it all!

The best part? Your order will be delivered safely, efficiently, and discreetly to your door… all in the same day!

Unsure if your residence or place of work is eligible for New Jersey weed delivery? Visit Doobie.

Just enter your address or zip code, add available cannabis products directly to your cart, and submit your order. Ordering recreational weed online for delivery is no longer a hassle!

Doobie is New Jersey’s preeminent source for fast and easy weed delivery in The Garden State. Whether you live in Newark, Jersey City, or Camden, Doobie delivers your favorite weed gummies, vapes, and prerolls quickly to your door.
How to Buy Weed in New Jersey
With us of course! To locate a dispensary or delivery service that is available for delivery to your specific address, follow a few quick and easy steps. First, head to Doobie and enter your zip code. Then, peruse our full collection of recreational weed products and brands. Once you find what you’re looking for, add it to your cart, and submit your order. It’s that easy!

Upon your order with Doobie, you will receive text updates on each step of the delivery process. We make sure you are kept up to date with your delivery. Just sit back, and relax…your order will be delivered soon!
How to Select the Right Cannabis Product for You
If it’s been a while since you purchased weed, you’re new to cannabis, or are just unsure what to order, call the exclusive Doobie Concierge at (888) 836-6243 or chat with us in the lower left corner on Doobie. With Doobie, we want to help you choose the best weed and marijuana products for your needs.
Where in New Jersey Does Doobie Deliver Weed?
Presently, Doobie offers instant and same-day weed delivery to the following New Jersey areas:

Atlantic City
Jersey City
Toms River

If we do not yet offer delivery to your city, no worries! We are always adding to our list of delivery locations. Check back frequently to see if your city is eligible!
Does Doobie Deliver in Areas Directly Outside of New Jersey?
In addition to delivery in New Jersey, Doobie and our trusted recreational marijuana dispensary partners also provide discreet delivery to the tri-state area, including New York. Presently, we offer weed delivery in close proximity to New Jersey, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.
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