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A little about Cape Cod

Cape Cod, is one of the most historic areas in the continental United States as it was a key location for the original 13 colonies and even claimed to have been visited by early nordic explorers like Leif Eiriksson. The area has transformed from its early days as a whaling and trading hub into a resort destination for the affluent. Since 1914 the Cape Cod canal has separated the cape from the mainland. The cape can be divided into four main areas: Upper Cape, Mid-Cape, Lower Cape, and Outer-Cape which include cities such as Mashpee, Dennis, Chatham, and Provincetown respectively. As it has been a major nautical area for centuries the coast is also dotted with lighthouses throughout the cape.

Famous Landmarks in Cape Cod

While Cape Cod does not have as many landmarks as its more populous neighbor Boston it does offer many activities related to the ocean. While whaling has long been stopped in the area visitors are able to see the natural beauty of these majestic creatures via whale-watching tours that go through the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. The cape also features many beautiful beaches with its 559.6 miles (900.6 km) of coastline. Those looking for other outdoor hobbies will find many options such as fishing, hiking, golfing, kayaking, and many more outdoor activities.

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