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Red Carpet Cannabis – Your Guide to Award-Winning Weed

Published: March 6, 2024

Lights, camera, cannabis—awards season is officially underway! As Hollywood prepares to roll out the red, or champagne-colored, carpet for this year’s Academy Awards, we’re not just looking at the glitz and glamor of cinematic film; we’re talking about taking your viewing experience to new heights with the best weed strains of 2023. 

Are you ready to put on your finest fashion and pull out your sleekest cannabis accessories for a night to watch the awards? Settle in for an evening of cinematic excellence with the perfect companion – cannabis. 

Celebrating Cannabis 

In a world where cannabis competitions showcase the crème de la crème of the cannabis industry, we’re here to celebrate those winners as truly Oscar-worthy. But before we delve into the strains fit for a star-studded affair, let’s talk about the best way to enjoy your cannabis. Whether you’re into classic joints, sleek vapes, or the tantalizing taste of Delta 8 gummies, a method suits every cinephile’s taste.

You may choose to consume a decadent chocolate edible or a Delta 8 gummies while watching the awards; it is important to remember that the desired effects of an edible may take up to two hours. This could be the perfect opportunity to roll your favorite flower in a bold, blunt wrap – perhaps a Shine 24K gold blunt wrap? 

Pairing Weed Strains & Best Motion Picture Nominees

Now, let’s talk strains. When it comes to choosing the best weed strains for your Academy Awards viewing party, it’s all about setting the mood. Indica, Sativa, or hybrid – each has its own cinematic charm. But what about the stars of the show? What are some of the films that are vying for the coveted title of Best Motion Picture of the Year, and which weed strains pair best with them? Let’s take a look:

Oppenheimer – Indica Indulgence

For those diving into a gripping drama, mystery, or psychological thriller nominated for Best Motion Picture of the Year, we recommend sinking into the plush cushions with a soothing indica like Granddaddy Purple. Its calming effects could keep you grounded as you navigate the twists and turns of the plot. Pair it with some gourmet popcorn for a luxurious treat that complements the intensity of the film.

Barbie – Sativa Sparkle

If you’re opting for a witty comedy, adventure or a feel-good flick, a sativa like Jack Herer may be your ticket to laughter. Combining the uplifting buzz from the movie with cannabis may leave you feeling euphoric. You might sing along to the onscreen scores, identify with a character(s) or end the movie feeling empowered. Why not indulge in some artisanal chocolates for a sweet and uplifting experience that mirrors the movie’s vibe?

Maestro – Hybrid Harmony

And for those who crave the best of both worlds, a hybrid like Wedding Cake strikes the perfect balance. Whether you’re tuning into a thought-provoking documentary or an action-packed blockbuster, this versatile strain will enhance your viewing experience without overwhelming your senses. Pair it with some savory snacks like cheese and crackers for a satisfying munchies fix that complements the hybrid’s nuanced effects.

Best in Show

Much like voting on cinema, voting on cannabis is subjective. So, who scored the top billing for the best weed brands and strains for the 2023 season? Let’s roll out the green carpet and find out! It’s time to elevate your cannabis experience and explore some Oscar-worthy weed. 

Here are a few of the best cannabis events, strains, and brands that took center stage in 2023.

  • Blue Dream: It may come as no surprise that for another year in a row, Blue Dream is one of the top-selling flower strains. From coast to coast, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a hit. 
  • Standard Farms: According to HeadSet, a cannabis industry data tool, Standard Farms will be the fastest-growing cannabis brand in 2023. 
  • MJBizCon: Consistently reviewed as one of the top cannabis conventions across the US, MJBizCon spans 320,000 square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center. This event features 1,400+ exhibitors and spills out onto the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. There are plenty of chances to connect with industry insiders and attend networking events. 

From Indica to sativa to hybrid, there’s a strain fit for every genre and every mood. Lights, camera, cannabis – let’s light up this awards season! Who do you think will be the rising star of cannabis in 2024? 

If you’re searching for the perfect strain of weed to watch this years Oscar’s, contact the Doobie Concierge at (888) 8Doobie or visit for more information on cannabis products and discreet cannabis delivery. 

Disclaimer:  The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Please consume cannabis responsibly and follow all local laws and regulations.

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