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Top Infused Pre-rolls For Delivery in South San Francisco

Published: December 28, 2022

If you like smoking weed but don’t want to roll joints all the time, or maybe you don’t know how to roll a joint, then an easy way to go is to get yourself some pre-roll joints. Pre-rolled joints, as the name implies, are joints that have already been rolled for you.

They already come fully rolled, so all you have to do is spark them up and take a hit. With that being said, many people just don’t like normal pre-rolls because they aren’t always very strong. However, if you go for an infused joint or infused pre-roll, it means that it contains an extra kick that is really going to blow you out of the water.

Now, if you are looking for infused joints, using a delivery service such as is a great way to get them right to your front door without ever having to leave your home. What we want to do today is to take a look at some of the top infused pre-rolls available for delivery in South San Francisco. There are some really neat options to check out, so let’s take a look. 

What Are Infused Pre-Rolls?

OK, so, pre-rolled joints are of course joints that have already been rolled for you, but what does it mean if they are infused? Well, if your joints are infused, it means that they don’t just have marijuana in the form of a flower.

Although they are rolled with real weed flower, they then also contain some extracts, such as cannabis oil, a cannabis tincture, or some other extract such as distillate, that is then mixed in with the marijuana before it is rolled.

The result is that your joint ends up being much stronger and more potent. For reference, your average weed flower has somewhere between 15% and 30% THC.

However, when that weed is infused with distillate, oil, or anything else insert, that THC level can spike to over twice that level. Therefore, if you want something very strong that’s really going to hit hard, an infused pre-rolled joint is exactly what you need. 

Are Infused Pre-Rolls Worth It?

Many people wonder whether or not that infusion of additional cannabis extracts is worth the extra cost that you will pay. Yes, an infused joint that contains very high levels of THC thanks to some really awesome extracts or oils is going to cost you more.

The reason for this is quite simply because those extracts take time and money to make, and they’re also very powerful, so you’re going to get a much bigger kick.

Therefore, if you are a seasoned smoker who has a fairly high tolerance, and you want something that is strong enough to really blow you out of the water and knock you out for the night, then yes, we do think that infused pre-rolled joints are well worth the slight increase in cost.

The Best Infused Pre-Rolls for Delivery in San Francisco

As far as infused pre-rolled joints go, there are some really cool options for you to check out, so let’s take a look at some of the best ones right now.

1. The Presidential Tropical Blunt

Here we have a really nice blunt wrap that is filled with top-shelf organic flower, which is then infused with premium THC distillate, and finally coated in some of the highest quality keef available. In other words, what you get here is a moon rock blunt, with moon rocks of course being super potent.

You might like the fact that the blunt wrap used here is 100% tobacco-free, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Moreover, this blunt contains well over 45% THC, therefore making it extremely potent. This is the kind of smoke that is going to make you feel super relaxed, happy, and very sleepy. You’ll probably get a good bit of the munchies too. The pre-rolls created by this brand are known for being some of the strongest out there.

2. El Bluntito -Blue Zkittlez Live Resin Infused Pre-Rolls

Here we have a really cool product for you to check out, a cigarillo that is filled to the brim with extremely high-quality flower, and then infused with some of the highest-quality live resin out there. This combination of flower and live resin results in a pre-rolled joint that contains 40% THC, therefore making them extremely strong and potent.

Keep in mind that here you get a total of six joints, each with 0.5 grams of flower and live resin. What’s also pretty cool is that all of these joints are hand-rolled and finished in a blunt wrap, a hemp wrap to be precise, that does not contain any tobacco.

All joints are then cured for a full 72 hours to ensure that they burn properly. Keep in mind that this is a very heavy-hitting Indica, so it is going to make you feel relaxed and tired, and also make you feel pretty hungry.

3. 805 Glue Diamond Infused Pre-Roll

If you are looking for a balanced smoke that features effects reminiscent of both Indica and Sativa strains, then these hybrid pre-rolls might be right for you. Here, you’re going to feel very euphoric, happy, creative, and energized at first, followed by a good bit of sedation and relaxation, which is thanks to the fact that it is a hybrid.

Here, these joints are made with high-quality flower that are individually hand-rolled and infused with some very potent extract to pack a heavy punch. The THC level deal here is well over 36%, so you can rest assured that these things do pack a punch. They’re going to put you to sleep at the end of the night.

How to Get Infused Pre-Roll is SF – The Bottom Line

If you are looking for some easy pre-rolls to smoke, ones that are infused with extracts and therefore super heavy hitting, we recommend checking out our pre-roll selection at

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