Best Gifts for Your Pothead Friends

Published: November 24, 2021

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to show your best buds how thankful you are for them. Sure, you could give them a pair of socks or some peppermint-scented lotion, but is that what they really want? Probably not. If you’re looking for the best cannabis gifts to give to your pothead friends this season, look no further. Below are a few ideas we think would be perfect for your buds:

Cannabis Gift Baskets

Why not get your best bud a gift basket with all their favorite cannabis goodies in it for them? Etsy is a great place to start looking for marijuana gift baskets & ideas of what to put in yours. Cannabox is another great place to look if you want to sign your friend up for a subscription for all their favorite goodies to be delivered right to their door. If you’re interested in making one yourself, grab some munchie snacks, a rolling product of their choice, some premium flower, and maybe even throw in some gag gifts for a good laugh.

Marijuana Dispensary Gift Cards

Check with your local dispensary to see if they offer gift cards. Think of it as one of the most perfect weed gifts for your friend, sponsored by you! They can go to the dispensary and pick something out, and think of you while they use their gift card at the checkout.

Cannabis Books

There are a few great books about cannabis, but two you should check out are Bong Appétit’ Cookbook and High on Design, both available on Amazon. Bong Appétit’ is perfect for the friend who loves to try new recipes, and would be down to try something involving cannabis! High on Design is great for your creative bud who loves to learn about cannabis and design.

Cannabis Games

Instead of getting stoned and laying around, introduce your friends to a new game this season! Ducking High is a great game to play, and it helps get the conversation going. Ganjaland is a fun twist to a childhood favorite and is sure to put a smile on your best bud’s face.

Looking for new brands to gift your buds this season? Head over to Doobie and check out some of our top products. We’re sure there’s something for everyone!

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