Boston Book Festival

Published: November 10, 2022

Doobie joins the 15th Annual Boston Book Festival, hosting its first-ever Weed & Read program!

On Saturday, October 29, Doobie participated in the Boston Book Festival, an annual gathering of more bestselling authors and book lovers from Boston all the way to San Francisco.  More than 200 authors and hundreds of book-loving attendees gathered for readings, book signings, and other festivities.

On Copley Square, next to the Boston Public Library, a street festival with live music and more than 60 local businesses took place.  Doobie participated in the street fair by hosting its first-ever Weed & Read, an exhibition where festival attendees could learn more about Doobie’s delivery services, products available, and cannabis overall.  There is a strong relationship between cannabis and the literary world.  In fact, cannabis has sparked inspiration for some of the most famous authors throughout history, from Susan Sontag to Stephen King!

As part of its Weed & Read exhibit, Doobie held a book drive for the Prison Book Program, a local non-profit based in Quincy that sends free books and print resources to people in prison across the country.  Festival attendees could place orders through the Doobie website at and for every cannabis delivery order placed, a book donation was made through the Prison Book Program. 

This year’s festival was the first in-person Boston Book Festival in a couple of years due to the global pandemic; and book lovers turned out in droves on a perfect, sunny, crisp fall afternoon.   Throughout the day, several hundred Doobie gift bags with literary swag – including Doobie bookmarks, pens, and notepads – were handed out, along with treats (non-cannabis of course!). 

Whether you’re a reader or writer, whether you’re a fiction or a non-fiction fan, no matter your preferred genre – mystery, historical fiction, romance, or another – at this year’s Boston Book Festival, there was something for everyone — just like the variety of cannabis products Doobie offers on its menus, there is something for everyone.  From flower to vapes to edibles, there’s a cannabis product to meet every customer’s needs and interests.  Doobie looks forward to joining the Boston Book Festival with its Weed & Read program for years to come!

Want to place an order for your next Book Club?

Order at and connect with the Doobie Concierge for personalized recommendations. 

Want to read more about cannabis?  Check out these books:

Higher Etiquette

Bong Appetit

A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis

Or, if you’re pondering how to align work and life, check out this book by our very own Doobie President Dr. Bill Silver:

The Way of Zing

Want to support a local bookstore? Check out these local retailers:

Brattle Book Shop (Downtown Boston)

More Than Words (South End)

Harvard Book Store and Porter Square Books (Cambridge)

Brookline Booksmith (Brookline) Papercuts (Jamaica Plain)

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