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Doobie Lights Up The ‘Show Me State’ As The First To Deliver Rec Weed In Missouri

Published: March 8, 2023

The “Show Me” state has something exciting to show its residents, and so does Doobie. Recreational marijuana is now legal for delivery in Missouri, and Doobie Delivery is pleased to announce they are the first recreational cannabis delivery service in the state.

Recreational marijuana sales began on February 3, 2023, after being legalized last November. The Missouri state health department started approving dispensary permits, lighting up Doobie’s phone lines as recreational cannabis users continue to call for home delivery. 

Recreational marijuana users can now possess up to 3 ounces of cannabis, and at Doobie, there are many options to show you! Doobie offers a variety of carefully curated products ranging from cannabis flower and pre-rolls to edibles and topicals. Doobie takes the guesswork out of the cannabis purchasing process with a user-friendly interface to streamline the ordering and delivery process.

Check out the full article in Greenway Magazine to learn how easy it is to order weed from St. Louis area dispensaries and have Doobie deliver happiness right to your door.

Have questions? Give Doobie a call at 1(888)-8DOOBIE.

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