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The Basics of Getting Weed Delivered to your Door

Published: January 4, 2023

Almost everything from packages, food, and groceries can be delivered directly to your doorstep with the click of a button – and thanks to contactless delivery, without getting up from your couch to answer the door. With the legalization of recreational marijuana on the rise, weed delivery is becoming more available. However, because of numerous regulations and laws, cannabis delivery is more complicated than ordering a pizza (although, you might need that after your weed delivery). 

The regulations dictating cannabis delivery vary by state, and some states that allow delivery of both medical and recreational marijuana do not allow delivery across the entire state; while other states only allow delivery of medical cannabis. Dispensary employees can make deliveries in some states, and other states authorize online weed delivery services such as third parties like Doobie that work with partnered dispensaries. So you will need to check local regulations first.

Here are the basics of what you need to know to get weed delivered to your home. 

Step 1: Make sure you live in an area where recreational cannabis delivery is available

Each state determines and enforces marijuana laws regarding what is allowed and how things legally operate. Legislators and control boards set the rules, then local municipalities (almost always) add their own regulations for delivery services and how they operate (including car lockboxes, cash and product limits, and more).

At the time of writing this article, there are six (6) states with legal recreational-use marijuana delivery: California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, and Oregon. 

After confirming that weed delivery is indeed available in your area, you’re ready to “burn one down” and you may advance to step two!

Step 2: Visit your favorite weed delivery service online, and enter your location

Not all dispensaries have a delivery option, so you may have to dig a little deeper if your preferred shop does not deliver. Cannabis delivery services are geographically based, so the shops in your area will need to know if you are located within their service area. 

Once you’ve found a dispensary that delivers to you, you’re in business!

Step 3: Choose Your Products 

Inventory is constantly changing, so even though you might already know what you want, you will still have to check current stock to find what suits you best among the offerings. You can select from an array of products that Doobie has to offer, and simply add them to your cart. It’s just like shopping online for almost anything, except that the marijuana industry is heavily regulated. 

If you are new to cannabis (or perhaps it has been a while since you tried to inhale in college) and you are unsure what to order, Doobie can help. Doobie Concierge will walk you through everything from terpene profiles to twerking styles. The knowledgeable, friendly staff are a just a phone call away at 1-888-8DOOBIE

Step 4: Checkout 

As with all online shopping, there is a payment portal where you will enter your personal information where you will include your address, name, payment information (which may be cash only, because that is yet another regulation), proof of age, and the delivery time-frame window of your choice. Cash is the preferred method of payment and may be the only option, but you may be able to pay with your debit card for a small fee. (Again, regulations!)

Step 5: Place your order. 

Once your order is placed, you can sit back, relax and wait for your newest purchase of goodies to show up at your door. Doobie will provide you with tracking information via text messaging, so you can rest assured that your order is in safe hands and is on the way. It’s nice to have the ability to track your order so you can make sure everything is running as planned.

Step 6: Receive your product

If you are paying in cash, have that ready to hand over as well as your valid form of ID for verification. If you think your driver did an awesome job, you can show your appreciation with a tip. But tipping is entirely optional!

Step 7: Enjoy your Cannabis!

Now that you have your products and you’re enjoying them, you realize how easy it is to order weed from the comfort of your home. And because you already provided your personal and payment information, next time will be a breeze!


If you’re reading this, weed delivery is most likely a new experience for you and you probably have questions. Here are some of the most common questions: 

Do I need a medical marijuana card?

It depends where you live. If you live in an adult-use state (and region) with legal recreational use marijuana delivery, you only need to be at least 21 years old to order online. Once again, make sure your area is legally able to accommodate delivery service, as it varies.

Should I tip my marijuana delivery driver? 

Tipping is not required, but it is certainly appreciated. If you want to tip your driver, a 20% tip on your total purchase is greatly appreciated, especially in cash.

In what states can I get Marijuana delivered?

At the time of writing this article, there are six (6) states with legal marijuana delivery: California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, and Oregon. 

If you’re feeling social, you can visit your favorite weed dispensary in person, or by finding the nearest one to you online.

At Doobie, you will find edibles from trusted brands, the highest quality of flower, vapes, carts, and more that can be delivered straight to your home. Visit Doobie online to place an order for delivery. You will be happy you did, and you will make Doobie happy too.

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