Reflecting on the Doobie x Morgenstern’s 4/20 Collaboration

Published: May 1, 2024

As we reflect on all the exciting 4/20 celebrations, we can’t help but dream about the exclusive ice cream flavor we created with New York’s iconic Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream. From April 19 to April 21, New Yorkers had the opportunity to try an exclusive new flavor of Morgenstern’s ice cream- Doobie Scoobie Snacks! Let’s recap the partnership that blended cannabis with the NYC ice cream scene and, more importantly- Doobie Scoobie Snacks, the limited-edition ice cream flavor.

Customers who purchased a pint of Morgenstern’s ice cream, either via DoorDash or, not only enjoyed the famous flavors of Morgenstern’s renowned ice cream but also received a complimentary pint of Doobie Scoobie Snacks (and a coupon for free delivery within Doobie’s NYC service area!) 

The Doobie Scoobie Snacks flavor wow-ed taste buds with cornflake ice cream layered with a robust peanut butter base and topped off with a rich mix of graham crackers and crunchy caramel. It was the perfect munchie to enjoy after an eventful-filled 4/20! 

Jessica Powell, Doobie’s co-founder, highlighted the importance of accessibility and convenience in cannabis delivery. She mentioned, “We wanted to show New Yorkers that accessing cannabis can be as easy as ordering their favorite ice cream. Many people weren’t aware of the convenience and legality of our delivery services.” By aligning cannabis delivery with the ease of food delivery, Doobie set a new standard for accessibility in the cannabis market.

The partnership between Doobie and Morgenstern wasn’t just a collaboration but a celebration of progress and evolving societal norms. Powell reflected, “This collaboration with Morgenstern’s was a celebration of how far the cannabis industry has come and where it’s headed. Bringing cannabis together with New York’s famous food scene on such a notable scale for 420 showed that societal norms are evolving.”

The collaboration brought a unique blend of cannabis and culinary delights to the forefront, creating memorable experiences for cannabis enthusiasts and food lovers alike. It celebrated creativity, accessibility, and the evolving landscape of the cannabis industry. We look forward to more exciting collaborations that continue to push boundaries in the cannabis space!  

Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Please consume cannabis responsibly and follow all local laws and regulations.

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