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Our Favorite High Dose Edibles

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Edibles are a great consumption alternative if you don’t want to smoke flower. The question is: Which edibles will give you the perfect marijuana-derived high? We’ve made it easier to find out which edibles are the best for you to try.


If you’re looking for some chocolate edibles to try, we have a few different options for you to try. Premier Edibles Mint Dark Chocolate is a cannabis-infused chocolate bar made of 100mg THC. It’s a hybrid that will have you calm, happy, and relaxed.

At Doobie, we love Kiva Terra Dark Chocolate Espresso Bean Bites! Each piece has 5mg THC, and it’s a hybrid so you feel creative, energetic, and inspired after eating these.

Incredibles Monkey, Mile High Mint, and Strawberry Crunch bars are all hybrid THC edibles made of 100mg THC - that 10mg in each piece! Whether you’re feeling nutty or minty, all these bars will have you calm, happy, and relaxed.


Treat yourself with an infused cookie! Dr. Norm’s 10-pack of Regular Dose Chocolate Chip Therapy and Snickerdoodle Cookies are some of the best edibles to try. Both great flavors are 100mg THC of delectable goodness that’ll have you wanting more. The chocolate chip cookies are a hybrid that will have you calm, happy, and relaxed. The snickerdoodle cookies are an Indica-dominant blend that will have you happy and sleepy. Try to wait up to two hours after taking one cookie to feel the full effects!


Gummies are great especially if you’re looking for a little cannabis-infused treat. Be sure to be mindful of how many you consume — it’s the worst when all the gummies you took hit you at once.

KIVA Yuzu Lemon Camino Gummies is a hybrid blend of THC and CBD, Sativa and Indica terpenes, that will leave you feeling calm, happy, and relaxed. Each gummy is 5mg THC/ 5mg CBD.

If Indica is more your speed, try Wyld’s Sour Cherry Gummies! Each gummy is 10mg THC and offers a mellow & carefree experience that packs a tart punch. These gummies will have you feeling sleepy and relaxed — they’re perfect for an end-of-the-day treat!

Looking for gummies that are Sativa-dominant? Try Heavy Hitters Tangerine Dream Gummies! These tangerine flavored gummies will have you feeling creative, inspired, and happy. There’s 20mg THC per piece - these are great high-dose edibles you should try.


Mints are a great way to consume you’re edible discreetly — bonus points for leaving you with minty fresh breath after! Mr. Moxey’s Energize Peppermints are 5mg THC each and made of a blend of rosemary and green tea. They’re gluten-free, vegan, Sativa-dominant, and will have you creative, focused, and inspired.

If you’re looking for something that’s Indica-dominant, try Mr. Moxey’s Relax Cinnamon Mints. The blend of linden blossom and hops flower will have you relaxed and sleepy since there’s 5mg THC per mint.

Still not sure which edible to try? Give us a call on the Highline at (888)8-DOOBIE! Skip the trip and order with Doobie - we do the hard part for you. Think of us the next time you need happiness, delivered!

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