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Pre-Rolls | Ace Weidman's

0.5g Pre Roll 3pk | Ace Weidman's | Disco Gorilla | 1.5g

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Genetics: Gorilla Butter x Peanut Butter Breath | Strain Type: Hybrid Disco Gorilla is a hybrid cross of Gorilla Butter x PBB. With wild aromas, flavors, and power, it makes sense why this strain is represented by a Disco Gorilla going ape on the dancefloor. Though they begin with a sense of focus, the effects are supplemented by a calming clarity that melts over you as time goes on. While salty and spicy to the nose, the taste of nutty vanilla and sweetness will cover your palate when you try it. We’re excited for you to find out why Disco Gorilla is such a funky and primal experience. This strain is recommended for headaches, mood swings, and stress.

0.5g Pre Roll 3pk | Ace Weidman's | Disco Gorilla | 1.5g will help you feel


About the Brand

Ace Weidman’s is a blend of high quality flower derived from popcorn buds that are not quite big enough to be sold as premium flower. This flower contains the same terpene and cannabinoid profile of our best flower as well as craft strains from leaders around the state.

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