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Confidential OG

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THC Design has reimagined their 1/8th jar to reduce their use of plastic and be more environmentally friendly. The new jar lids are made from sustainably-sourced bamboo and their jars made entirely from silica (glass), one of the most abundant materials on earth. The labels on the jars and boxes are printed with non-toxic inks and the boxes are made from recycled cardboard. Their pre-packaged cannabis jars are single-sourced flowers, responsibly grown using sustainable practices, hand-trimmed, and thoroughly inspected to ensure every bud meets stringent standards.

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About the Brand

THC Design is the leader in premium cannabis cultivation. Estate grown, single-sourced flower provides consistent experiences with quality and safety across a wide spectrum of brands. Through moral and corporate transparency, THC Design aims to inspire each person and community through the art and science of flower.

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