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Pre-Rolls | Sticky Fish

Black Triangle Kush Live Resin Sticky Fish Bonez

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Prerolls are definitely cool. But Sticky Fish aims higher! Through hard work and expertise, Sticky Fish created the perfect infused Joints aptly named Sticky Fish Bonez. Made with premium bud and infused to perfection with only the tastiest concetrates available, Sticky Fish Stix gives you that extra entourage effect and bang- ing taste. So jump on into Sticky Fish Stix, Insanely Infused Prerolls.

Black Triangle Kush Live Resin Sticky Fish Bonez will help you feel


About the Brand

Distinction comes with a strong sense of identity, and Sticky Fish is eager to show you why their Fresh-Frozen Concentrates are second to none. Sticky freezes its cannabis directly after harvest, preserving the cannabinoids and terpenes the way it was meant to be. So when you partake in Sticky Fish, you’re experiencing the true flavors of mother nature.

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