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Bubble Gum x Apple Fritter

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Our latest cannabis flower strain is a unique cross between two well-known strains, Bubble Gum and Apple Fritter. The Bubble Gum strain is known for its sweet, fruity aroma, unique body numbing high, and produces a flavor profile that is reminiscent of its namesake, bubble gum! On the other hand, Apple Fritter is a potent and flavorful strain with a sweet, earthy aroma that packs a powerful relaxing effect. This hybrid strain inherits the best of both worlds, with a sweet and fruity aroma that has a slight hint of earthiness. The buds are dense and covered in trichomes, giving it a frosty appearance. When consumed, users can expect a euphoric and uplifting high, followed by a strong sense of relaxation and calm. This strain is perfect for those seeking a well-balanced high that is both cerebral and physical. Each bag includes 3.5 grams of this carefully crafted hybrid strain, ensuring a potent and enjoyable experience for any cannabis connoisseur.

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