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Pre-Rolls | 22Red

Chem D Pre-Roll | 1g

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Chem D is an indica-dominant cross between Chem 91 and Chem Dog. It produces average-sized, bushy plants with broad leaves thanks to its indica heritage. The breeder says it does well in Screen of Green (ScrOG). Chem D has an average flowering time between 70 and 77 days indoors and mid-October outdoors. It is known to produce small yields in ideal conditions, though the highly resinous buds are great for concentrate production. 

Chem D Pre-Roll | 1g will help you feel


About the Brand

Taking inspiration from Shavo’s affinity for numerology and synesthesia, 22Red was created to pay homage to the number 22. Many major events in Shavo’s life revolve around the number 22 and it’s said this number possesses the energies of your biggest dreams. 22 invites you to work ardently on your life path and purpose, the same way Shavo has done with this brand.

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