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Elevate | Mac N Cheese | Liquid Diamond Cartridge

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0.5g Elevate Liquid Diamond Cart extracted from our fresh frozen buds and treated with extra care to preserve the full terpene profile. No distillate added and dripping with terps, these carts are good for the mind, body, and soul! Elevate MO’s Mac & Cheese is everything you want in a hybrid. These densely-packed, cheesy buds have a sour citrus and buttery flavor with a strong, skunky smell. Mac & Cheese is perfect for a rainy day or when you simply want to kick your feet up for a bit. This hybrid of MAC and Alien Cheese provides a happy, uplifting feeling with balanced mind and body relief. In higher doses, this strain may encourage [cheese joke about melting]. Elevate Missouri’s Mac & Cheese was crafted with the terpene lover in mind. This terpene profile leads with Terpinolene, Limonene, and beta-Myrcene. Each one boosting the strain and the other terpenes around it.

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