GG#4 Live Sugar
Dab FX

GG#4 Live Sugar


92.95% THC


This sativa-dominant hybrid of Chem's Sister x Chocolate Diesel is known for its intense, complex flavor of sweet fuel and earthy pine. But this potent GG4 sugar carries a slightly citrus undertone that leaves the scent of earthy fruit in the air after every exhale. This is a good all around concentrate that tastes great and dabs easy. Many users report various effects from both sides of its lineage, from cerebral invigoration to relaxed couch locking effects. For a traditional rig, Load your dab and start heating it at 400f until the sugar crystals melt into a puddle, then place the cap on your banger and inhale as the puddle releases the high potency vapor. We suggest that lower temp finish (around 500 degrees) to be sure to get the full active cannabinoid experience.

$ 35