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NF1 HydroCarbon Sauce Cart

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Theory Sauce is a unique, liquified concentrate with strain-specific flavor profiles and perfect for vaping. Created using a proprietary, cryogenic hydrocarbon extraction technique, our oil preserves a broad spectrum of cannabis terpenes for rich flavor and potent effects. This liquid concentrate contains no additives, and makes for a seamless, convenient consumption experience.

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About the Brand

Theory Wellness is an East Coast medical and recreational cannabis brand; cultivating cannabis, operating extraction labs, manufacturing infused marijuana products, and proudly serving patients and customers at their cannabis dispensary locations in Massachusetts and Maine. Theory Wellness focuses on small batch, craft cannabis that is cultivated using sustainable techniques on their outdoor cannabis farm and at a state-of-the-art indoor garden. Running unique genetics allows Theory Wellness to develop in-house premium products that include flower, concentrates, edibles, and an array of infusions for medical and recreational consumers in New England. Throughout their work, Theory Wellness remains committed to expanding the science of cannabis, and creating the future in the emerging marijuana industry through social justice, sustainability, and research.

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