Pina Grande
Bountiful Farms

Pina Grande


21.38% THC


From the start, the Bountiful Farms team has been devoted to developing a comprehensive line-up that will make a positive impact on their patients, caregivers, cannabis connoisseurs and the industry. They have dedicated exceptional resources to establish only the highest quality standards at every step of the process - from building the ideal growing environment, to sourcing seed from superior genetic lineages, to devoting time to explore and draw out the best nuances of each strain. Every choice they make is intended to make your experience better. Cannabis Cup winner! Pina Grande is a cross between Skywalker OG x Pineapple Chunk with terpenes that radiate a strong tropical citrus scent as well as the classic haze from OG. Pina Grande offers uplifting, energetic effects making it the perfect choice for a needed pick-me-up.

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