Strawberry Cheesecake Vape cartridge

Strawberry Cheesecake Vape cartridge


86.22% THC


Battery NOT INCLUDED - IMAGE IS SUGGESTED Melt away with this sweet strawberry flavor, with a cheesecakey after taste that'll have you asking for seconds. O.pen the o.riginal cannabis pen. We started extracting cannabis oil in 2010 and haven't stopped since. With more than 100,000 hours clocked in R&D we're in relentless pursuit of bringing you the best cannabis oil extracts to satisfy any occasion. If you're entry-level looking for a consistent, repeatable experience or a cannaseur wanting to experience the nuances of cannabis terpenes - O.pen has an award-winning product for you backed by a Friend for Life satisfaction guarantee. Go with the O. O.pen Daily Strains are a curated selection of popular strains. Scientifically formulated to achieve consistent effects and flavor profiles, while emphasizing THC levels.

$ 60