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28% THC
Gush is a captivating cannabis strain renowned for its exquisite blend of sweet flavors, enchanting aroma, and harmonious effects. This strain is believed to be the progeny of Gushers and OG Kush, bringing together the best of both worlds. The lineage promises a rich tapestry of effects and flavors, indicative of its storied parentage. Gush looks just as radiant as it feels, with typical buds that are a bright neon green, medium in size, and shaped like popcorn, which makes it a fairly noticeable strain. It has bright reddish pistils that really pop with the contrasting neon green and average coating of white trichomes, which lends it the frosty sheen that people love to see on their bud.

Gush's inviting fragrance creates a blending of intense scents of diesel and earth. It introduces grounding and invigorating initial impressions with impressive boldness. Underneath these robust finishes, the subtler scents of sweet and fruity come out - creating an even more complex and intense perfume. With the first sip, you can realize the extraordinary taste profile, practically identical to the perfume's. Sweet and fruity flavors arise, and they gradually transform into a dynamic mix of pine, earth, and diesel. This strain's harmony of sweet and intense flavor results in a multi-layered and diverse tart.

The impact of Gush is as proportionate and enjoyable as its flavor profile. Users discuss a multilayered awareness that begins with an inspiring swell of satisfaction, rapture, and lively liveliness that enshrouds the substance. This opening surge is tracked by an important sense of comfort and a strong prostrate rural that moors the understanding. The change from forceful satisfaction to peaceful ease makes Gush an exceptional vision for the individuals who request a load that yields both stimulation and peace.

Cannabis varieties that share genetic ancestry usually do well whether they're cultivated outside or indoors, and the vegetation phase for a crop can then last from two to three months in general. Plus, if a plant possesses sweet-and-sour undertones and an odor reminiscent of diesel, its terpene profile will likely be full of myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene, which prioritize the indica-standard soothing/anti-anxiety aspects of a cannabis specimen.
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