Gelato #33 Popcorn Flower 7g

18% THC
Much like the ice-cold treat for which it is named, Gelato marijuana is a smooth and creamy cannabis strain with a flavor that delivers blissful happiness and belies its soaring levels of psychoactive cannabinoid THC.

The euphoria-driven high of Gelato marijuana sets in quickly, which can be overwhelming to novice or first-time consumers, particularly those unaccustomed to the kind of psychedelic headrush characteristic of a sativa of this caliber. Free of worry and tension, with Gelato you’ll find yourself more comfortable in social settings – talkative, energetic, perhaps even the life of the party.

Gelato smells strongly of oranges, a profile it derives from one parent more than the other. When cured and crushed, however, hints of earthiness round out the aroma for a distinct and enjoyable fragrance. The flavor departs slightly from these citrusy roots and leaves a sweet berry and lavender aftertaste on the exhale. The plant itself delights in hues of bright green and dark purple, and its leaves sparkle with crystalline resin.

Lineage: [Sunset Sherbet] x [Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies]

Breeder: Cookie Fam

Top Reported Strain Effects: Relaxed, Uplifted, Happy

Top Report Strain Flavors: Berry, Earthy, Diesel

ILLICIT expertly hand trim the biggest and best, A-grade buds from the tops of the colas. Their flower is grown, harvested, cured, and packaged with the patient in mind every step of the way. The
experience of their growers coupled with their commitment to technology creates consistent and impactful cannabis. The long cure and delicate hand-trim are easy to see and even easier to smell when those lovely terpenes are released upon opening your jar.
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