The Hottest THC-Infused Drinks Available for Delivery in Palm Springs

Published: February 8, 2023

There’s nothing quite like a good dose of THC to relax you, provide you with a sense of calm, and help you unwind after a long day. Many people get their THC fix by smoking flower (bud) or by vaping concentrates, and THC-infused drinks are often overlooked. THC-infused drinks are a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to inhale smoke or ingest overly-sweet candy.

THC-infused drinks taste great, get you high, and can be quite refreshing and satisfying on a hot (or cold) day. Here at Doobie, we have a sweet menu of THC-infused drinks, edibles, vapes, flower, and much more – all of which can be delivered right to your home for safe and private consumption in a comfortable environment.

Let’s take a look at our staff picks for the hottest cannabis-infused drinks available for delivery in Palm Springs. Are any of your faves on our list? 

1. Hi-Fi Sessions Hoppy Chill from AbsoluteXtracts

This bubbly, hoppy, hybrid blend is infused with a relaxing dose of 10 milligrams of THC, and natural citrus, and is made without calories, carbs, sugar, or gluten. The bright, tropical citrus flavors are fresh and satisfying. Quality ingredients include hops, cannabis oil, coconut oil, plant-based emulsifiers, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) to preserve freshness, and natural flavors.

AbsoluteXtracts has deep roots in the Emerald Triangle and an unwavering commitment to providing Californians with pure and potent cannabis concentrates.

2. Godspeak Blackberry Lemon from WUNDER

This effervescent hybrid cannabis beverage is tasty on the rocks or right out of a frosty can. Created for the mind and body effects of 100mg Delta-9 and 2.5mg Delta-8 THC, this low-cal, low-sugar drink is crafted with hearty, real ingredients such as natural fruit juice. 

Godspeak Blackberry Lemon is made by WUNDER, which was started by three people who wondered about a better way to socialize with friends and relax with family. This wonder turned into a mission to embrace healthier choices while seeking joyful experiences — so that we can unwind when we need to, be present for what matters most, and show up as our best selves afterward.

3. Old Fashioned Lemonade by Cannabis Quencher

Crafted from organic lemons and sweetened with organic cane sugar, this slightly sweet take on an old classic will take you back to the front porch on a hot summer day. Made with purified water, organic lemon juice concentrate, citric acid, and cannabis extract, it’s as pure as it gets for a THC-infused lemonade experience.

For proper dosing, the packaging includes a clear, child-resistant cap that measures 2mg THC. Cannabis Quencher recommends starting off slowly with a 2-4mg THC dose (1-2 capfuls) and waiting at least 45 minutes to experience the full effects before drinking more. 

4. Single Blood Orange Bitters from WUNDER Godspeak

WUNDER’s sparkling Blood Orange Bitters is crafted with all-natural fruit juice, 2mg Delta-9 THC, 2mg Delta-8 THC, and 4mg CBD for a bold and refreshing effervescent experience and a balanced buzz. This zesty blend of cannabinoids creates a gentle wave of relaxation and euphoria. With less than half the calories of beer or wine (and no hangover), WUNDER is a great alternative to alcohol. Blood Orange Bitters tastes best chilled, over ice, or straight from the can. 

With every sip, you will slip deeper into a more serene and contented state as you kick pain, aches, and worries to the curb. This fizzy fan-favorite will have you feeling your best, from the first sip to the very last.

5. Watermelon Agua Fresca by Cannabis Quencher

Start the day on a positive note by taking a small sip of this light, refreshing watermelon agua fresca with 100mg THC Sativa. But take it easy! A little dab’ll do ‘ya. The manufacturer recommends beginning with a 2-4mg THC dose (1-2 capfuls) and waiting 45 minutes before drinking more. With a full 100mg per bottle, this THC-infused beverage has a childproof reclosable cap for responsible dosing. 

This summery drink has natural cucumber and a lighter sweetness profile than Cannabis Quencher’s other lemonades. This THC-infused beverage is great right out of the can, or as the base for a tasty beverage that’s more subtle. This one is a hit among the keto crowd with zero calories per serving. It’s also vegan, crafted with real fruit, and made without gluten or GMOs.

Whatever your palette craves, we have the answer! Check out our website for more information. 

At Doobie, we work with some fantastic brands and are proud to bring you the freshest, highest-quality cannabis available. Our stock rotates, so these THC-infused drinks may not be available when you’re ready to order. Make sure to check out the current selection online, where you can easily add products to your cart or let the Doobie Concierge place your order! Just call (888) 836 6243. 

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