Microdosing on Cannabis and its Benefits

Published: September 28, 2022

Microdosing has been around for quite some time. Recently, it has gained traction in the cannabis industry due to its many benefits. What is microdosing, and how can it help you? This guide will highlight all you should know about microdosing and how to do it.

What is Microdosing?

The simple definition of microdosing is taking smaller amounts of cannabis to reduce THC effects. It could involve taking anything from 1mg to 5mg each time, as opposed to 5mg to 10mg in standard doses. This practice is believed to enhance productivity and creativity, allowing the user to function without the high THC produces. 

Benefits of Microdosing

Why should you microdose weed? Aside from the benefits of clarity, you can microdose marijuana as a casual user or a medical cannabis patient. This allows you to regulate your tolerance levels and make the experience even better. 

A 2017 study from the University of Chicago found that taking smaller doses of THC relieves stress, while the opposite was the case for higher doses of the plant. Among 42 healthy volunteers, the study found that smaller doses relieved stress, and when an extra 5 mg was introduced, the effects were reversed. 

Another 2012 study on insomnia, chronic pain, and depression published in the Journal of Pain show how beneficial microdosing marijuana can be for pain relief. The study included advanced cancer patients with traditional painkiller resistance. Patients who received higher doses felt more pain, while those with reduced doses experienced some relief. 

Regularly consuming cannabis in whatever form can overwhelm the cannabinoid receptors in your body. This could mean needing higher doses to feel the effect. Microdosing reduces the effects on the cannabinoid receptors, so you can enjoy the benefits for a long time. 

Also, the side effects of THC affect some people negatively. Some experience severe lethargy and even panic attacks. Microdosing reduces this risk by offering more therapeutic effects. 

How to Microdose Marijuana 

To microdose weed, you need to start from the basics. Everyone is different, so you may need to experiment a little to find the one that works for you. One way to start is by recording your dosages in a journal each day. Be sure to note down the type of product as well as the quantity you consumed. You also need to add the effects of each dosage to track the efficacy of the product. 

The usual dosage for microdosing is 1 mg and can go as high as 2.5 mg. You can start here and try it for a couple of days. After that, begin to increase the milligrams until you notice slight effects. When you get this, maintain the same dosage. 

It is important to take note of certain components in the product, such as terpenes. This will help you to determine which terpenes work for you. Always look out for products that are strain-specific and single source. This is because consistency in the chemical composition of the terpenes and cannabinoids is essential in microdosing. 

Enthusiasts often recommend using edibles as a starting point because it is easier to determine the dosage. If the edibles come in 2.5mg or higher doses, you can simply divide them into smaller pieces. 

Other ways to microdose THC include:

  • Cannabis Beverages: Usually, cannabis beverages contain lower THC doses. This makes them excellent for microdosing. You can use the manufacturer information to determine the dosage and run with it. 
  • Edibles: As stated earlier, you can start with low-dose edibles. There are quite a few on the market today. 
  • Tablets: you can use tablets or capsules if you prefer to be discreet while microdosing. There are different types of cannabis tablets with various delivery methods to make the process easier. 
  • Sublinguals: these products are designed to be absorbed in your mouth so they can be swallowed. Getting the dosage for this product may be difficult, but with a few experiments, you should be able to find one that works for you. 


Microdosing has gained popularity in the cannabis industry because it supports overall wellness and promotes productivity without the side effects of THC. Enthusiasts recommend edibles for microdosing because it is easier to control and maintain. However, other products such as cannabis beverages, capsules, and even tinctures can be used to microdose.

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